Thursday, May 25, 2017
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money transfer feature

New money transfer feature from Facebook messenger available soon

Social networking giant Facebook soon launching a new money transfer feature to its messenger app, like PayPal money transfer with free of cost. People using Facebook messenger in the US can already have this...
Google ranking factors

Google ranking factors

Everyone are trying to get their web pages to appear on the first page of Google search. Reverence is the key signal that Google considers for rankings. Some of the Google ranking factors are discussed...
speed up systemvideo

How to speed up system?

Sometimes we may face the problem that our system work of the region for this is, temporary and prefetch files are created automatically. Which occupies more space in deleting these files permanently,...
phone faster

How to make android phone faster?

We are spending thousands of rupees on buying mobiles. Based on the need, different people can buy different mobiles. Sometimes they don’t care for their need someone buys mobiles based on their economic status...
google mail merge

How to use Google mail merge?

Learn how to send bulk emails to different recipients with the same body, with different greetings and with different file attachments to each people also send emails as per the schedule time and date...
stop blog redirection

How to stop blog redirection ?

In this session we will Know how to stop blog redirection from to country specific URL’s and what are the causes may occur due to Redirections.While opening to your blog supposes for example, ”” the URL...
block video ads youtube

How to block video ads in youtube?

If you are irritated by seeing video ads on YouTube. There is a simple technique to stop ads on your YouTube page. Learn how to block the video ads in YouTube, using developer console. But there...
block adult contentvideo

How to block adult content on windows PC?

In the recent years, the technology becomes more interactive through the internet. Even children spend more time to learn new thing from the internet. Always we may not sure there may be good information,...

How to add colors to folders using folder colorizer?

In your system, suppose there is a large number of folders it is very difficult to identify the actual folder which you are looking for. Here is the simple technique to solve this problem...
stop auto playing ads

How to stop auto playing ads in browsers and from facebook?

Learn how to block the ads, while browsing the internet on the browsers named chrome, Firefox and internet explorer. Here are some simple procedures to avoid flash ads on the internet and in this...

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