Thursday, May 25, 2017



10 Most Popular WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO Plugins made SEO look so easy and this is one of the main reasons that WordPress is the most popular CMS. Plugins make WordPress work a lot better than it is supposed...

On-Page SEO factors: Best guide helps to boost Page Rank.

Along with unique and fresh content, several factors influence search engine rankings.  In this article, I will explain some on-page SEO techniques which will boost your page rank. New blogger experiences best results if...
bad spelling and grammar

Bad spelling and grammar: can it effects page rank?

After few months of blogging, I got a doubt that “does google consider bad spelling and grammar on the content as a ranking factor?”, "can it effect negatively on search engine rankings?". until that date, I...
site speed

site speed: does it matters page rank ?

On April, 2010 google officially announced site speed is one of the factors which impacts search rankings in their official webmaster’s blog . They added page speed is a new signal for search engines ranking...

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