Thursday, January 18, 2018

App News

App News

How to schedule messages on Andrioid and IOS?

Hi friends, today I am coming up with new applications info which helps you to send messages with the scheduling time. it's pretty cool right, You don't always remember to text someone later when...
live location

Easy way to find friend’s exact location, with Facebook messenger

A new feature added for the Facebook messenger. Which is a new location-sharing feature called “live location”. This awesome feature allows you to share your real-time location inside of a chat for an hour...
Delete whatsapp messages

How to Delete WhatsApp messages which was sent accidentally, before it’s delivered?

Learn the way to delete WhatsApp messages before it gets delivered. WhatsApp is now the biggest messaging app in the world with billions of the users. Now a day’s people are addicted to using...
Call back, Voice mail, Video calling features to WhatsApp update coming soon

Call back, Voice mail and Video calling features to WhatsApp coming soon.

After acquired by Facebook, famous WhatsApp messenger application adding new features. WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption, text formatting and document sharing feature earlier. Call back, Voice mail and  Video calling features to WhatsApp coming soon.In resent...
online dictation

How to use Online Dictation application?

Hi friends, we have developed dictation application. This online dictation app is basically a web app, simply an extinction to google chrome. This application uses web speech API of google chrome to convert your...
money transfer feature

New money transfer feature from Facebook messenger available soon

Social networking giant Facebook soon launching a new money transfer feature to its messenger app, like PayPal money transfer with free of cost. People using Facebook messenger in the US can already have this...
WhatsApp update

WhatsApp update adds text formatting and google document sharing.

The instant messaging app WhatsApp messenger adds two new features for the android users of its new 2.12.535 WhatsApp update, which was realised earlier this month. After updating the latest version of WhatsApp, we...
Allone App

Allone app makes phone as safety alarm

Allone App has launched India’s first free-to-use-app that will turn your Smartphone into a safety alarm. With a big sound, the app can leave your relatives and other loved ones alarmed. On the launch of...