Wednesday, March 29, 2017
live location

Easy way to find friend’s exact location, with Facebook messenger

A new feature added for the Facebook messenger. Which is a new location-sharing feature called “live location”. This awesome feature allows you to share your real-time location inside of a chat for an hour...
Free Uber rides

Bangalore Techi reveals ‘easy trick’ to get free Uber rides for life!

A hacker and product security engineer Anand Prakash, from Bangalore, found a bug on Uber transportation Network Company’s application. With this simple trick, he is able to get a free ride from anywhere in the...
weird websites

Top 10 Best Funny, crazy and weird websites on the Internet

Hi, Friends! I brought interesting stuff for our readers. These are the funniest, Crazy and weird websites on the internet have to see at least once in our life. There are tons of websites on...
Delete whatsapp messages

How to Delete WhatsApp messages which was sent accidentally, before it’s delivered?

Learn the way to delete WhatsApp messages before it gets delivered. WhatsApp is now the biggest messaging app in the world with billions of the users. Now a day’s people are addicted to using...
chrome restart

How to do Google Chrome Restart through bookmarking?

In some cases, we may observe that Google chrome not responding. If you facing this problem then here is the solution just restart the chrome browser rather than uninstalling and installing chrome. Opening few tabs...
Running a blog

Great Tips on How to Be Better At Running a Blog

Are you trying to build an online presence? Building an audience is critical to success in many endeavors, especially marketing. A great way to establish your voice is through blog posting. If you desire...
SEO Techniques

Effective SEO Techniques for Writing Blog Posts

Powerful SEO Techniques that boosts search rankings, Every once can easily implement. Your primary aim for maintaining a blog is to make money, and for the long term success of your blog, you need to focus...
Get traffic

10 good tips to get traffic to new website

Awesome tips to get Traffic to a new website: Remember lacks of websites are created day by day. It’s too hard to get traffic to the new website. Here is the few statistics on a...
windows 10 upgrade

How you can Still get Windows 10 upgrade for free?

Hi, folks! Still, there is a way to get windows 10 upgrade for free... As all of us know officially windows 10 free upgrade is over. People must pay $119 for the home addition...
index website

How to instantly index your new website within 24 hours by search engines?

Hi friends! Here is one more article for SEO lovers about how to index your blog post within 24 hours. Now a days every one having blogs, professional websites for promoting their products and brand...

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