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Delete whatsapp messages

How to Delete WhatsApp messages which was sent accidentally, before it’s...

Learn the way to delete WhatsApp messages before it gets delivered. WhatsApp is now the biggest messaging app in the world with billions of...

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10 Reasons You’re Not Making Money as a Blogger

If you’re spending all your time blogging and have very little in the bank to show for it, you may be taking the wrong...

How To Increase Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) Or PPC Rate?

Learn Tips to increase Adsense CPC or PPC rate. Adsense is the one of the best highest PPC paying ad network world wide. No...

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On-Page SEO factors: Best guide helps to boost Page Rank.

Along with unique and fresh content, several factors influence search engine rankings.  In this article, I will explain some on-page SEO techniques which will boost your page rank. New blogger experiences best results if...
best web hosting providers

Best web hosting providers

Do you look for the best web hosting providers? Then you are in right place to get a clear idea about web hosting, hosting providers and their services. This is detailed post regarding the popular...
Top 10 bloggers in India

Top 10 bloggers in India and their earnings.

Hey! Guys. Here is the interesting and inspirational stuff for new bloggers. In this post, I’m sharing the best top 10  bloggers in India. Only a few bloggers get succeed in the blogosphere field. Some...
bad spelling and grammar

Bad spelling and grammar: can it effects page rank?

After few months of blogging, I got a doubt that “does google consider bad spelling and grammar on the content as a ranking factor?”, "can it effect negatively on search engine rankings?". until that date, I...
ipage web hosting

Grab cheapest ipage web hosting with $1.99/month.

Ipage web hosting company was found in 1998 as a full web service provider, but the company re-launched operations as a web hosting provider in 2009. Ipage hosting is cheap cost hosting provider among all...
godaddy webhosting free domain

How to get GoDaddy web hosting free domain for just $1/month?

Learn how to get GoDaddy web hosting free domain for $1/month. GoDaddy is a largest domain name register and web hosting company. GoDaddy had already registered more than 61 million domain names. It is...
get unlimited web hosting with for $5 per month

Get interserver web hosting for $5 per month. is one of the best and reliable hosting services provider. Interserver web hosting mainly offers three types of managed web hosting plans. This managed hosting server means the user/client does not have full control over...
Enable Gzip Compression

Enable Gzip compression: does it improves page speed?

Learn how to enable Gzip compression and  how it helps to improve page speed. Gzip compression is a simple method to retrieve data fast, save bandwidth and speed up page load times. See more: Improve...
leverage browser caching

Improve page speed by Leverage browser caching

Learn about browser caching and how to leverage browser caching by setting expiration dates on the cache. Browser caching stores web page resource files like (JS, CSS, images and other resources) on a local computer...
WhatsApp desktop app

WhatsApp desktop app: Guide to install and use.

On 10th may,2016 WhatsApp on its official blog announced, new Whatsapp desktop app. It runs natively on your desktop. This new desktop app is available for windows 8+ and Mac IO X(10.9 and later...

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